Eli Williams (tw_31988) wrote in sn_vids,
Eli Williams

# Fanvid: Heavenly - Castiel/Dean/Jimmy // The Killing Moon

Title: Heavenly
Song: The Killing Moon - Echo & The Bunnymen
Pairing/Characters: Castiel/Dean/Jimmy
Fandom: Supernatural
Details: Youtube Streaming // Download Link
Summary: Castiel/Dean slash fanvid, (The Rapture AU) - Castiel's been falling for Dean more and more with each mission and when he leaves his human body, Dean falls for Jimmy after they spend the night together until he has to decide to be with Dean or with his wife & daughter but Castiel returns when Jimmy's wife and daughter are kidnapped.
Warnings: Spoilers Season 4, Slash [don't like it, don't watch it]

Vid Here! )
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